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TrackGram: Instagram Followers

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We know its hard to manage your Instagram accounts, that is why your favorite Instagram statistics app is back to answer most of your questions.WHY YOU'LL LOVE FOLLOWER STATS FOR INSTAGRAMThe app has some options available for free, some require an one time in app purchase:
FREE PACK- Keep track of new Instagram followers & unfollowers- See who you are not following back - See those who are not following you back- Find out who unfollowed and blocked you on current sync- See detailed charts to see how you evolved over time- Take a look of what changed between syncs- Have the app sync in background for you, up to 6 schedules, so you have fresh info when you need it.
PREMIUM PACK*- Find ghost followers who did not liked or commented on your posts- Find Inactive people that you follow, ordered by their last post date- Multiple account support with easy way to switch between accounts- Search users and hashtags for new people to follow- Support your followers by liking their photos directly from the app- Follow & Unfollow operations inside the app- Keep track of likes you receive and give- Find the people who liked you most and the ones you liked most- Find the people to which you are a Ghost- Find people which are Watchers or Secret admirers, that only like and comment but not Follow- Find Recent Likers to make it easy to like back- See which followers liked your last posts- Detailed charts with history so you'll know how your account has progressed- No ads* In app purchase required. Instagram API limits and availability apply.
- You need an Instagram account to use Follower Stats- Follower Stats uses the Instagram API but is not endorsed or sponsored by Instagram. We would like to thank Instagram for offering their public API as it made this app possible.- To fully enjoy Follower Stats you should follow and be followed by less than 50,000 users. The bigger the number, the more it takes to synchronize the information.- There are some limits from Instagram for certain operations and also there is limited information returned. These limits can be found on Instagram's developers site.
PERMISSIONS DETAILS:The app requires some permissions in order to work properly.- Read or modify the content of the USB storage: used in order to cache the pictures retrieved from Instagram, including the user pictures and posts. This allows the app to load them again, faster, without downloading again. Also storage is used for images generated on the Promote section- Full network access and connections status: allows the app to check the availability and status of network connections. For instance, on Scheduled syncs the app needs to check if wifi is enabled or not- Start at boot: allows the app to schedule background syncs, as on device shutdown all schedules are cleared.- In-app purchases: used to be able to purchase or restore purchases
- Send questions, concerns, feedback, feature requests or anything from the Send feedback option in the app.