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TrackGram: Instagram Followers


Who unfollowed you on Instagram?Who are you new followers?Who are your ghost followers?Who are your biggest fans?Who blocked you?Which people or accounts are inactive?Discover this and more, for FREE with TrackGram for Instagram - the best Instagram tracker app.WHY YOULL LOVE TRACKGRAM FOR INSTAGRAM
- Keep track of new Instagram followers & unfollowers- Find out who blocked you and block back- Search users and hashtags for new people to follow- Support your followers by liking their photos in TrackGram- Follow & unfollow inside the app- Keep track of likes you receive and give- Find the users who liked you most and the ones you liked most- Find ghost followers who did not liked or commented on your posts- Find the users to which you are a Ghost- Find users which are Watchers or Secret admirers, that only like and comment but not Follow- Find Recent Likers to make it easy to like back- Find Inactive people or accounts- Detailed charts with history so youll know how your account has progressed
- You need an Instagram account to use TrackGram- TrackGram uses the Instagram API but is not endorsed or certified by Instagram. We would like to thank Instagram for offering their public API as it made this app possible.- To fully enjoy TrackGram you should follow and be followed by less than 20,000 users.- There are some limits from Instagram for certain operations and the app will inform when they are reached.
- Send questions, concerns, feedback, feature requests or anything from the Send feedback option in the app.